Cacti and Succulents Arrangement

Hydroponics For All – Return to the Fold

In hydroponics as in our own world, life does go on, which is something I have learned this year. After all, does life not return through the ruins, or compost formed by the remains of, the old and often, if we learn from our mistakes, even better than before?

Planning an Allotment – Crop Protection

Crop Protection ion your allotment plot can be important once your seedlings are planted out. Getting the right covering to suit your conditions and pests can be tricky, but here is a guide to crop protection selection.

Growing Vegetables in Pots

Growing vegetables in pots is not all that different then growing vegetables in the ground. With just a little bit of gardening know-how you can quickly and easily begin your container vegetable garden. Keep reading for tips and ideas for growing vegetables in pots.

Fire Your Imagination With A Garden Shed

National Shed Week begins in early July each year, so there couldn’t be a better time to start considering how to transform your garden. To give you an idea of the tremendous range of ideas now available, Shed of the Year is split into eight separate categories of garden building. Let’s have a look at them to see how they could influence and improve your garden.

Container Water Gardening Ideas

Thought about having a small container water garden for your patio or deck? Water gardening is a great hobby, but a container with aquatic plants and perhaps some fish will also look great greeting visitors by the front door.

Fire Pit Designs – Are You Making The Right Choice?

You will be surprised to know that fire pits nowadays come in various shapes and designs. But there are a lot of fire pits to choose from. They vary from portable to permanent fixture that are suitable for your own backyard.

Ball and Burlap Planting Instructions – Part Three – Placing the Trees

In this article we cover ball and burlap planting instructions with our focus on placing the trees. We give specific directions on how to prepare the holes, we also cover how to straighten the trees with digging bars or hay hooks, what the finished root-ball should look like, and also the best use of your planting team members.

Grow Your Own Salad!

  Where I live on the east coast we are proud of our reputation as the Garden State. Many people in my neighborhood have their own vegetable plots, some tend to a tilled square of earth or a collection of pots and containers and even more people have an impressive, rototilled arena. You can find tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, squash and peppers of all varieties planted in personal gardens.

How to Care for a Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchid are commonly seen in most households. The colors that normally bloom on their petals are fascinating to the eyes. In order to achieve its utmost beauty, it should be taken care of properly.

Pruning Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

Gardeners through the ages have seldom been content to stand back and leave the growth of their plants entirely up to Mother Nature with her unpredictable whims and fancies. Instead of viewing my fellow gardeners as interfering in the natural sequence of events in our gardens, I like to think of us as shaping and improving the environment that nature has provided by removing unnecessary parts of the plants to encourage larger and better fruits and flowers, somewhat akin to the way we nurture our children, rather than simply turning them out to face the world on their own.

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