Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plant Care

Planting And Growing Your Own Dwarf Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit trees in your yard would be a dream come true. Not only do you get stunning foliage and shade, but fruit in your home that has never been chemically sprayed. You may not believe that planting fruit trees is easy. You may even doubt that you have enough space. You may not know that fruit trees come in dwarf sizes, and are really very easy to plant. Dwarf fruit trees make it possible to have beautiful greenery and fresh fruit even on your back patio.

Learning About Aquaponics Made Easy

Aquaponics is a system of sustainable food production that combines aquaculture, which is the traditional raising of aquatic animals, and hydroponics, which is the cultivation of plants in water. Aquaponics plans can be used in different scales, from small indoor systems, to large commercial units. The same system or technology is used in both cases. The systems mainly use fresh water, but in some cases, salt water systems have been installed. This mainly depends on the type of plants and aquatic animals in use.

Aquaponics Systems – Revolutionizing the Way We Grow Food

Acquaponics combines two farming approaches, aquaculture and hydroponics. This system works perfectly because it is a balanced ecosystem.

Various Types of Garden Weeds and How to Eliminate Them

Weeds are a menace not only to the plants but most especially to the gardener who strives hard to make his lawn and garden beautiful, pleasing and inviting to his friends and family. One day you swipe out all the weeds that are growing, but come next week, you see a new batch of the invasive plants sprouting! How are we going to solve this repetitive problem? It helps if one knows the life cycle and different types of weeds.

Wall Fountains and Its Aesthetic Aspect

Slate indoor fountain is among the best water features you can install in the interiors of your home. This fountain design can be wall fountains, floor fountains, or a tabletop fountains. It can be made from different materials like steel, ceramic, and glass that means you have wide array of choices from which you can find the slate unit that suit your planned interior design.

600 W HPS – The Efficient Choice for Aggressive Growing and Flowering

As a grower who wants the best for your plants and flowers, you have to consider what it is you hope to achieve. This might sound like a silly thing to consider since, for most of us, the answer is to grow the healthiest plants and flowers possible. While this is true, you have to understand that there is such a thing as horticulture, which means that there are whole practices and theories that can help you better to understand how you choose to grow plants and flowers.

Growing Carrots in a Container

Carrots are one example of a vegetable I always deliberate over whether to grow or not. They can be problematic and are prone to carrot fly, but once you have tasted the very intense flavour you get from home grown carrots, that’s normally enough to sway my decision in favour of growing my own. Carrots are normally sown directly into the ground and require a light well drained soil, so using containers to grow them in is an ideal alternative.

How to Plant Climbing Beans

Climbing beans not only provide you with a prolific crop of delicious pods, they can be very decorative too, with flowers in a range of colours from white to bright red. They can just as easily be grown in the middle of a flower bed as on the vegetable garden. Climbing beans are easy to grow from seed and can be germinated indoors or planted straight out into the ground. Here is a quick guide on how to plant them and some delicious varieties for you to try.

Growing Annual Climbers From Seed

An easy and cheap way to brighten up any garden during the summer months is to grow annual climbers. These plants are quick to grow and provide colour in the garden from early summer all the way through to the first frosts, making them great value for money. They are really easy to grow from seed too.

Growing Your Own Potatoes and Tomatoes

Growing potatoes and tomatoes is easy. It’s also fun, and your produce will taste better than anything you’ll get in a shop. You can grow both in the ground, or containers, so it doesn’t matter how big your garden is. If all you have is a patio or a balcony, you can still have a go.

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