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The Importance of Knotweed Removal

Because knotweed is classified as controlled waste under the 1990 environmental protection act, you cannot simply dig up the knotweed and put it in your wheelie bin. There are two options for the disposal of this controlled waste which are widely used by specialist contractors, the first and probably the most cost effective is cell burial. In this method

Knotweed Removal Guidance

Japanese knotweed has proved to be a serious threat to many land owners, but fortunately, solutions exist to facilitate its permanent eradication. A quick search on Google will return a plethora of providers who offer specialist knotweed eradication, but as with most industries, the quality of service provided varies greatly from one provider to the next so be sure to check out feedback left by previous clients, and ensure that all work carried out by the provider of your choosing is full guaranteed. There are different ways of eradicating knotweed, one of the most effectual is removal or…

Knotweed Eradication Methods

Root barriers are not really a method of knotweed eradication, but they are used by specialists in conjunction with other eradication techniques. Their provide specialists with an invaluable means of controlling the infestation. By creating a physical barrier which the roots can not permeate…

Finding The Best Japanese Knotweed Contractors

When looking for contractors who specialize in the eradication of the Japanese knotweed, it is important that you are able to identify a company that are willing to adapt their approach to the specific requirements of your site. With Knotweed eradication, certain site features may make specific treatments unsuitable, for example the use of herbicides on a site which has a stream or river running through it. Cost is also a factor you will need to consider, with fees varying from one provider to the next.

Organic Gardening – 5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Organic Vegetables

Many people nowadays are concerned about where their food comes from. If you are too, read on to find out why you should grow organic vegetables.

Why an Aquaponic System Is Far Better Than a Hydroponic System

When I was looking for a home for my family one very important thing was that it had a big garden for growing vegetables for my family to eat. I have since discovered a method to grow my vegetables quickly, healthily and grow the same amount in one tenth of the space. Now I can use more of the garden space for other things, like the children’s trampoline and that hot tub I’m planning on surprising my wife with:)

Controlling Fungus Gnats – A Pesky Problem

If you have ever walked through a greenhouse or plant nursery and found yourself surrounded by a massive cloud of tiny black flying critters, it is highly likely that they were fungus gnats. These pesky creatures are a nuisance that can be an economic problem.

Turn Your Garden Into an Outdoor Fun Zone

This summer hasn’t been much to write home about, but we have not let that dampen our summer fun, the BBQ’s have been burning and fun and games have commenced. Britain knows it self well enough when it comes to the weather, and because of this has equipped us with a very useful and practical garden gazebo for our BBQ needs or a good old fashioned rain mack when we’re feeling brave enough to venture out.

The Power of Flowers

Discover the power of flowers. From edible to medicinal to just plain beautiful, this informative article covers it all.

How to Compost in an Apartment – Meet the Bokashi Food Recycling System!

How to compost in an apartment or small space. Using Bokashi fermentation to minimize smells and speed along the process.

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