A year in the garden || 2020 ||

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What a year it’s been! 2020 was a different kind of year (much of it great) in the garden. Join me as we take a look back. Thank you for coming along for the ride. Please subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss anything we’re getting up to in the garden in 2020.

Here are some of the videos mentioned:
Seed organization: https://youtu.be/oF39gWtTfWI
How to design a garden (when you’re not a garden designer): https://youtu.be/B9xLeqDw8w0
Belgian Fence: https://youtu.be/xDDmb0Xd3s4
Replanting a containerized boxwood: https://youtu.be/3FMQLVe83vg
All about clematis: https://youtu.be/yfghxIxlM_o
Planting sweet peas: https://youtu.be/nIeIXDxLy-A
Planting pagoda dogwoods: https://youtu.be/zh9eo7EybjQ
Garden Answer bet: https://youtu.be/_nJEU7efVFo
Garden Answer Highlights video: https://youtu.be/vkOL_XpkDlI
New garden plants: https://youtu.be/Qh55txF5MZo
First tour of new garden: https://youtu.be/nlk-FcRoyVg
Second tour of new garden: https://youtu.be/7n5g7yR3q_M
Gardenfork collab: https://youtu.be/kSzF3b044vM
Planting pumpkins: https://youtu.be/gNr-bZsxLNI
Summer garden tour: https://youtu.be/IdSoo4lWFKo
Dahlia tour: https://youtu.be/FfBgM7Ec9N8
Ball Display gardens: https://youtu.be/vopn-x536NA
Digging dahlias: https://youtu.be/U7Uw1Lo2RWk
Cold climate rose care: https://youtu.be/moKxIcoGq7g

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My name is Erin and I love sharing inspiration and information with real-life gardeners. I live and garden in southeastern Wisconsin, zone 5.

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