9 Watering Tips That Save a Ton of Time

Today’s video shows the 9 things I do most often when it comes to watering to ensure that I save time and effort whilst promoting healthy plants in the vegetable garden. Whilst I find watering fun and therapeutic, sometimes I need to be able to get the most done with my time if things are particularly busy. I really hope you find these tips useful.

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Introduction 0:00
Sowing seeds around the weather 0:58
When is the best time to water? 1:51
Watering hack for gardeners 2:18
Why no dig reduces the need to water 3:07
How to water plants in pots and trays 3:55
Direct sown seeds watering hack 5:07
How to water mature plants 6:14
How to water tomatoes and squash 7:04
How do I know plants need water? 7:55
Summary 8:31

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