Feeding of Birds

Bird feeding is a great hobby. It is important to know where to place the bird feeder to attract the most birds.

A Planting Scheme for a Summer Border

It is often difficult to keep the borders in your garden looking good all summer. Roses are at their best in high summer and then look tired after flowering, other perennials only flower for short periods and then leave a gap in the border. A well known tip is to infill gaps in a border with colourful annuals, but here is a short planting plan that is guaranteed to provide your borders with colour all summer long and into autumn.

Garden Planting Whatever The Weather

All the extremes of weather we’ve been seeing this past year have fueled the debate about whether our climate is changing for the worse or whether we’re just having a decade or so of seasonal adjustment. I don’t have the science but I have spoken to a number of gardeners both professional and amateur about the last ten years and what they’ve seen change. It makes for interesting listening.

Make Gardening Your Hobby

Gardening is a great hobby enjoyed by the young and the old, men and women. It can be difficult to know where to start. There is so much to learn and most gardening knowledge comes with experience, through trial and error. I will be providing a concise guide on how to get your gardening hobby off the ground!

Create Your Perfect Garden With the Right Garden Slabs

During the summer when we get those few days of sun many people will be trying their best to update their garden, whether they are changing the flowers in the flower beds, laying a new path or putting in some decking. Summer is seen as the perfect time for any garden work as traditionally the rain stays away meaning that there’s plenty of opportunity to get the work done, though of course it doesn’t happen that way anymore and in the UK even our summer is full of rain. Due to the luck of the British weather it can take…

Lawn Services Options

There are many lawn services available to you from any number of local lawn care specialists. This can include something as simple and routine as weekly grass cutting, or more involved like fertilization, aeration and rolling, to specialist functions like pH balancing, weed control application, and even nematode application to control European Chafer beetles or white grubs. If it has to do with your lawn there is a company out there that can take care of it for you in the way you need.

All About Mole Repellent – Do Home Remedies Really Work?

If you have a mole control problem, you’ll appreciate just how frustrating it can be! Find out about various home remedies, and how you can best keep moles at bay.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden Shed

A shed is one of the most useful buildings you can have in your garden, giving you plenty of storage space or a place to get on with hobbies and jobs. Unfortunately, many people are not getting the most from their shed, so here are a few ideas to help you get the best out of your shed.

Early Risers in the Garden

Who says we have to wait until the 20th of March for spring? Already the days are longer and the earth is beginning to respond. We know the dismal days of winter are at an end when flowers like Cyclamen coum, snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), Crocus and Iris reticulata have surfaced. For me, however, nothing illustrates new beginnings quite so well as the return of the charming yellow flowers of winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis). Robust and feisty, they surge through the earth from mid to late January, lasting well into March (in zones 4 to 9). Like celandines (Ranunculus ficaria), marsh marigolds (Caltha palustris) and buttercups (Ranunculus repens), other members of the same family, the winter aconite glitters and shines exquisitely.

LED Grow Light – An Introduction to Indoor Gardening

Just like traditional farming, LED grow light can give you the power to nourish your plants. You can plant indoors even without using soil and instead of waiting for months, growth time is shortened without affecting the health of the plants. In fact, they will be fresher and tastier than those ones grown in soil.

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