5 Amazing Ways to Grow Bigger Crops Using Weeds!

The thing I love about weeds in the garden is that we should never see them as an enemy but instead as an opportunity for us to use as a resource to help us grow bigger crops in our vegetable garden. This video covers the 5 main ways that I use weeds to build healthier soil and grow more productive crops. From the permaculture method of chop and drop to making nutrient specific liquid amendments, weeds offer so much potential for anyone looking to create a more resilient and self-sufficient kitchen garden.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Chop and Drop Permaculture Gardening
1:46 Chop, Move and Drop
2:20 Creating Simple Liquid Feeds
4:39 Using Weeds to Mulch Perennials
5:45 What is NPK for plants?
6:23 Fermented Plant Juice from Weeds
8:05 Lazy Compost Method
9:43 Final Words

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