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Top Recipes to Use Your Home-Grown Raspberries

Raspberries are good for you and they taste lovely, the only drawback is that they’re sometimes pricey. The good news is that raspberry bushes are incredibly easy to grow. You can find raspberry canes for sale at very reasonable prices and once you’ve made the initial outlay, you’ll be harvesting free fruit from your own raspberry bushes for years.

Best Garden Plants That You Can Grow This Season

All enthusiastic gardeners look forward to the spring season and when it arrives they get busy in the usual gardening chores. This is the ideal time to plan out your garden and grow some amazing varieties for the coming seasons. It probably is the busiest time of the year as most of the plants and trees are grown during early to late spring season.

Why Not Grow Yourself a Mini Orchard This Year?

The word orchard often conjures up visions of vast tracts of land smothered in hundreds of trees, with scores of workers climbing up and down ladders to harvest the fruit. So it’s no wonder that many people think growing their own fruit is out of their reach. Well, you can think again, because thanks to the mini orchard fruit collection it’s now possible to set up your own mini orchard.

Using Junk on Your Land for Container Gardening

How to utilize the old junk on your land that may have been left there. Odd ideas for containers.

How to Plant a New Shrub

Early spring is the best time to plant a new shrub in the garden. Shrubs give structure to a flower border and as many are evergreen, they provide some interest during the winter months. Not only are you able to see clearly where you have room in your border at this time of year, but the soil is beginning to warm up and the conditions are just right to give a healthy young plant a head start for the growing season. For this task you will need a garden or border fork, some general purpose compost, a spade and of course, your chosen shrub.

Companion Planting – A Birdseye View

It has been eons since man has discovered that he can actually plant stuff and make it grow. He has used this knowledge to his advantage and in doing so has given agriculture its first break. However, the increasing pace of life coupled with the advances in technology has meant that the average Joe doesn’t need to grow crops for sustenance.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Aquaponics Business

You are probably reading this because you have thought of starting an aquaponics business. Some say it’s a really good business idea, some say it isn’t. The good thing about aquaponics is that once you have gotten the system running and you already know how to maintain it, it will then become sustainable. What are the things that you should consider and what do you need to know about it?

Buying Roses Online Vs The Garden Centre

The birth flower for June. An icon of love and romance. The UK’s most popular garden plant.

Fruit Trees – Easier to Grow Than You Think

Bare root fruit bushes and trees represent an ideal solution to anyone with a long term interest in establishing their own mini orchard without having to spend a lot of time on tending individual trees. Available from commercial suppliers at a low cost, these trees can be planted in gardens and in patio fruit pots, and can produce multiple kinds of produce every year. Cost effective and able to stand up to years of use, a fruit tree will more than make up its value over time.

Tips on How Seeds Germinate and How You Can Make Them

Germination is the term used to describe the sprouting of a plant from a seed or a spore. It occurs when a seed has been planted and watered according to instructions, and it first sprouts a tiny root to anchor it to the soil and access the water.

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