15 Easy Houseplants for Beginners! EASIEST To Care For Indoor Plants!

Spring Gardening Tips For Eager Gardeners

If you have spring gardening fever but it’s still too early in the season to start planting, there are still some things you can do to get your gardening groove on. Here are some ideas for early spring gardening that will get you outside and help set your garden up for a successful season.

5 Reasons To Consider Building A Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardens can be beautiful and bountiful. Using a raised bed can actually make gardening easier and make your landscape neater and more organized. Here are 5 reasons to consider building a raised bed garden this season.

What Are Aquaponics Systems?

Aquaponics is a self sustaining ecosystem that can grow warm water or fresh water fish. It also allows you to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Aquaponics Overview

In many respects, aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture, but without the negative issues associated with these systems. This is because it works by using systems that exist in the natural world.

How to Keep Chickens – Raising Chickens For Eggs

There are many benefits to learning how to keep chickens on the urban homestead. Raising chickens for eggs is just one. A couple more benefits include keeping chickens in the garden; it is good for both the garden and the chickens.

Aquaponics Fish – What Are the Best Fish Species?

In order to maintain a healthy and functioning system in aquaponics, it is very important that the fish, bacteria, and plants are in the proper position. In addition, you need to keep the fish density of the fish low to reduce the risk of things going wrong.

Free Landscaping Design Software Programs

For those who just want to dabble or for those wanting to try their hand at a free option, finding a good free landscaping software package can be challenging. Many of the big-name home and landscape software providers offer a trial period, but there aren’t very many completely free packages. Below is a list of the free landscape design software programs available on the Internet.

Aquaponics: How To Set Up Your Own System

In order to succeed in Aquaponics, there are a set of guidelines that you need to follow. Basically, you need to spend some time to choose the right fish, plants, and tanks.

The Essentials for Growing Basil Outdoors

Learn the basic history of basil, the herb we have come to love as part of popular cuisine. Learn how it has been used throughout the ages and how we can grow it easily in our own gardens. Discover the necessary tips for growing this wonderful herb at home.

4 Things To Consider When Planning Your First Aquaponics System

There are different aquaponics plans to choose from (depending on your preferences) but for beginners, knowing which plan to use can be quite a challenge in itself, since you don’t really know which plan will work for you and which one you will be able to maintain. To help you make this choice, here are the basic components that you will need to consider.

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