10 Surprisingly Simple Houseplant Tools! | Plant Care 101

Today I wanted to review some of my favorite tools for plants care, and they are all everyday items you can find easily or around the house!

1. Watering Can (vessel of some kind to water plants) with a thin spout for top foliage.
2. Scissors/pruners/shears for pruning!
3. Mister (NO this doesn’t do anything so it’s NOT necessary, so it doesn’t count towards the list)
3. Chopsticks repurposed as soil probes.
4. Vessels for propagating (vintage glass jars, glasses, etc.)
5. Plant Fertilizer (related iron, fish & seaweed emulsion)
6. Trays for bottom-watering
7. Turkey baster.
8. Soil container for soil mixing (can be open or closed bin or bowls)
9. Soil mixer (ladel, coffee cup, or just your hands!)
10. Terra Cotta Pots

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